Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my gallery.

I am Shweta.

I am an Indian born Canadian artist.

When I was young, truthfully, I wasn’t a free spirit.

But freedom had always laid dormant in my veins.

I learnt to be a free spirit and all the free spirits need expression.

I found it in Art.

Painting is my day to day celebration of being free.

I try to paint through what I see and express it

My paintings are encompassment of nature, customs, human emotions and life itself.

IT is are highly influenced by my Indian heritage which is also reflected in my day to day life.

I strive for the best quality in both material and finish

All my paintings are original , handcrafted and created with great care. Coated to protect the paintings for extended time and exposure and appreciation

This ensures their strength to evoke the free spirit in all that views them.

I hope you enjoy my paintings